How to help with technical issues when you're a technical leader.
How throwing things away helps your team get ahead.

April 2022

A sensible approach for establishing more formalized processes.

March 2022

Accelerate productivity and empower new hires.
Your team scales, but you don't.

February 2022

A developer's first day of working for you determines how engaged they feel every day afterwards.
Building a strong technical team starts with who you hire.

January 2022

The first two editions of The Tech Leader Docs covered two important pillars of leadership: Communication and Prioritization. (They're available in the…
One of the first things I do when coming into a new company is figure out where people are writing tasks down. The phenomenon I call Task Sprawl is an…
The first pillar of effective leadership has a straightforward formula.

December 2021

Pragmatic, pocketable skills and strategies for software engineering leaders.